Cultural and educational center

We present to you a project called „Motovun: a history in motion“ in which we simultaniously introduce our visitors with local history of Motovun, as well as hosting workshops and educations regarding Istrian gastronomy. We'll take you through a two thousand years old history where You can meet the most famous past residents of our pitoresque little town, stroll through Motovun forest, „ride“ the train called Parenzana, experience the cohabitation of noblemen and common folk, douse in imagination through Istrian myths and legends, and all of that being summed up under one denominator – motion... so let's go:


  • The family Polesini: the most longevous noble family in Motovun, it's members were one of the most revered people in whole Motovun's history. We meet prominent „movers and shakers“ of this family – who they were and where have they been, as well as their destiny in recent times.


  • Rural Motovun: it's the story about the Istrian peasant, the cultivation of olives, the tools they used. In this part of center there's also a working water wheel, with adjecent mill, where real flour will be made.


  • Joseph Ressel: this segment is dedicated to 19th century Czech inventor and forester. His biggest acoplishment is invention of Archimedal ship propeller, as well as one type of ball bearing. Being a forester, he was a curator of Motovun forest.


  • Motovun forest: in this vivid segment, you can feel the puls of Motovun forest and bask the ambience of this woodland area. Breathe in the interesting history, touch the tree bark, sense the smells, and find out lots of thing about most famous Motovun forest „inhabitant“ – tartufo.


  • Parenzana: at the beginning of the past century, there was an Istrian rural railroad called Parenzana. The town of Motovun was one of the many stations on its way from Poreč (Parenzo) to Trieste. Ride the iron rail history of Parenzana, but also learn something about Motovun in that time period.


  • Andrea Antico de Montona: a music printer and composer from 16th century. He was born in Motovun, but his glory awaited him in Venice and Rome. Here you can track the life path of this pioneer of music printing. 


  • Motovun Film Festival: this year MFF will celebrate its 20th anniversary. As an inevitable emblem of modern Motovun history, we dedicate one segment to this world-wide famous film festival. You can see how this festival began, how it developed and popularized Motovun itself. Also, you will be able to watch clips from movies made in or around Motovun.


  • Mario Andretti: a true auto-moto legend, Mario Andreti, the champion in NASCAR and Formula 1 competitions, was born in Motovun. Have a look at his childhood in war-stricken Motovun, and his way to fame in octane world.


  • Myths and legends: every people has their own surreal stories and charachters, and Istria/Motovun is no exception. You can find out „this and that“ about local legends and myths. There's, also, a monumental and imposing sculpture of Veli Jože, a giant from one of these stories, who is a synonim for Motovun in Croatia. As a metaphorical figure, symbolising the rise of national spirit of surpressed Croatians and Slovenes, he takes a massive role in local imagery, as well as in physical space at our cultural and educational centre.


  • Workshops: our presenters will show You the process of making flour, which will then be used to make local cuisine delicacies: pasta and pastry. The visitors can also participate in the whole making process, and taste their own food.